2018-19 Tryout Information

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U8-U12 (2011-2007) Open Development Sessions (formerly Competitive)

U13-U17 (2006-2002) District & Regional

The North Toronto Nitros are currently requesting interested players for the following age groups:


U13 (2006) Boys TSA Competitive Team

Please contact head coach Dennis Goodridge if interested

Email: dennis@northtorontosoccer.com


U13 (2006) Boys CSL Competitive Team

Please contact head coach, Hermann Kingue, if interested

Email: hermann@northtorontosoccer.com


U14 (2005) Girls CSL Goalkeeper

Please contact head coach, Humberto Ferreira, if interested

Email: humberto@northtorontosoccer.com

U14 (2005) Girls TSA Goalkeeper

Please contact head coach, Russell Rodrigues, if interested

Email: russell@northtorontosoccer.com


U17 (2002) Boys TSA Competitive Team

Please contact head coaches, Dennis Goordridge, if interested

Email: dennnis@northtorontosoccer.com


If you are interested in any other teams, please arrange a trial please contact head coach. Team and Coach information can be found here.

U14-U17 (2006-2002) OPDL

Please contact team head coach found on OPDL Team Pages here.  

U9-U14 (2010-2005) Select

Please contact Nic Hurtado

U21 (2001-1998)

To receive information on the U21 program and tryouts, please contact the program Head Coach below:

Men - Hermann Kingue
Women - Chris Vickers


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