Competitive Coaches 

2017 Competitive Coaches Contact Information

Year Age Group Gender League Coach Email
2009 U8 Both TSA Rachel Murray
2008 U9 Both YDSL Rachel Murray
2007 U10 Girls YDSL Jesse Assing
    Boys YDSL Jesse Assing
2006 U11 Girls YDSL Jesse Assing
    Boys YDSL Jesse Assing
2005 U12 Girls YDSL Marc Maunder
    Boys TDYSL Dena Iazedy
2004 U13 Girls OPDL Henry McIntosh
      TDYSL Samantha Fujimagari
    Boys OPDL Octavian Ghidanac
      TDYSL Nordo Gooden
2003 U14 Girls OPDL Marc Maunder
      TDYSL Connor Bourne
    Boys OPDL Marko Milanovic
      CSL Octavian Ghidanac
2002 U15 Girls OPDL Marko Milanovic
      CSL Shane O'Flaherty
    Boys OPDL Martinho Kibato
      TDYSL Tier 1 Martinho Kibato
      TDYSL Tier 2 Dennis Goodridge
2001/00 U16 Girls OPDL Chris Vickers
      CSL Nordo Gooden
    Boys OPDL Dena Iazedy
2000 U17 Girls OYSL Henry McIntosh
1999 U21 Women OWSL Chris Vickers
1996   Women OWSL Chris Vickers
  League1 Men L1 Hermann Kingue

For information on age groups please contact NTSC Technical Director, John Hyland

Volunteer Coaches

The NTSC competitive program is focused strictly on player development and coaching development. We seek committed coaches that have a good knowledge of the game, are respectful, enthusiastic and endorse the values of fair play. Coaches and managers are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the Ontario Soccer Association and those of the Club including the Club’s Code of Conduct a copy of which is attached. The appointment of a coach/manager is renewed each year and is subject to our Coach/Manager Selection Policy which includes, among other things, the submission of an application, completion of requisite coach certification, a performance review, reference checks, police check and the approval of the Club’s Board of Directors.

Our competitive coaches in all divisions from U8 upward must have successfully completed all required Ontario Soccer Association Coach certification as per league rules. It is the Club's preference to have a head coach and at least one assistant coach for each team. 

Applicants will be required to provide two (2) personal references and submit to a police background check, and may be required to perform an oral and practical aptitude assessment.

Applicants must complete the three following forms and submit them via email to



2016-2017 competitive coach application form

2016-2017 competitive manager application form

NTSC coach policies

NTSC coach code of conduct