Competitive Commitment Policy: Vacation

In recognition of the commitment made by their club and their coaches, as a general rule, NTSC players  participating in the competitive program are expected not to miss more than 2 weeks in total of the  outdoor season due to vacations. Absences for extenuating circumstances such as medical, religious or academic reasons will be permitted in the reasonable discretion of the Age Group Head Coach. An additional week of vacation will be granted to those players that have attended one full week of the NTSC Academy. Players are asked to advise their coaches of their intended vacation schedule as far in advance as possible, such that appropriate planning and scheduling may be implemented.

Players unwilling or unable to participate in team games, practices or training sessions beyond those absences permitted by this policy may be given reduced playing time or removed from the team roster at the discretion of the relevant Age Group Head Coach with approval from the Club Head Coach. Players selected to competitive league teams may be required, at the Age Group Head Coaches’ discretion, to sign player commitment forms recognizing the commitment required to participate on an NTSC competitive league team. Commitment will be factored in when considering selection for the following year’s team.