Team Travel Outside Ontario

The following information has been prepared to help teams with travel outside of Ontario. This information should be used in conjunction with any specific tournament rules and procedures. It is also important to check with the NTSC Competitive Administrator to ensure that the most current OSA rules for team travel are followed.  

Obtain a copy of the tournament sanction form. The tournament sanction form can usually be found on the tournament web site otherwise request a copy of the form from the tournament director.  

    • Secure player/coaching staff travel insurance (mandatory). Travel insurance should be purchased from our OSA Insurance broker. Go to the OSA web site to get the process and form. Remember the team MUST purchase insurance for every player and member of the coaching staff regardless of whether they have personal insurance. Remember to include the total number of traveling days and not just the days of the tournament.  
    • Complete an OSA travel permit well in advance of the travel date. Travel permits are available on the OSA website and must be submitted as per the instructions provided, a minimum of 7 working days before the event.
    • Email the OSA travel permit and drop off the proof of insurance and the tournament sanction form at the Club office for processing. Once approved a copy of the travel permit will be emailed back to the team.  
    • All players have passports. Check both the Canadian and destination country policies. Check that everything is in order well before the departure date, especially if players are not traveling with their parent(s).  
    • It is mandatory that parents obtain a notarized letter if a player is not traveling with BOTH parents. The notarized letter is still required even if a player is traveling with one parent. Ensure that the traveling parent or guardian has the letter well in advance of the travel date. The letter also ensures that the parents have secured a guardian for their child. The letter also provides assurance to the team that the player will not be held back at immigration.  
    • Some tournaments ask for a notarized medical release form for each player. Contact the tournament director and explain that Ontario players are insured as part of their OSA registration and that the team also holds additional travel insurance for each player. If the tournament agrees that medical release forms are not required, get them to confirm via an email and bring the email with you.  
    • Ensure that ALL tournament paperwork is completed and packed, along with your player books, official OSA roster and travel insurance. You do not want to arrive at the tournament and find that you forgot the necessary paperwork!!!  
    • Ensure that the team has travel/ car pooling arranged while attending the tournament. NTSC does not permit coaches, assistant coaches, trainers or managers of the team to drive players, other than their own children.  
    • Arrange for hotel accommodations early. Check the tournament policy for hotel bookings. Some tournaments have a policy that insists that you book through the tournament travel agent.