Exhibition Games, Tournaments, Scrimmages

North Toronto Soccer Club encourages teams to participate in exhibition games, tournaments and scrimmages as appropriate to the team’s seasonal plan.  

NTSC is a sanctioned club operating within the framework of the Ontario Soccer Association. As such, there are limitations with respect to opponents against which NTSC teams may compete, and which players may participate in a game.

OSA website forms are available here:  http://www.ontariosoccer.ca/forms.htm


All players and coaches must be registered with North Toronto Soccer Club and (through the club) with the Ontario Soccer Association.


1.      Playing exhibition games (or any other games not a regularly scheduled league game, Ontario cup game, or tournament game)

a.  Hosting: fill in OSA form AHEG 

b.  Visiting:

i.  if within district, the host team must fill in the form in (a.) and your team will be listed.

ii.  if out of district: ATF (application to travel) form on OSA website forms page must be filled out.

c.  These applications, MUST be approved otherwise the game MUST NOT TAKE PLACE  

d.  An OSA-registered referee MUST be used   

e.  Game sheets must be completed and submitted to the club  

f.   Any injuries/incidents must be reported on the appropriate form(s).  

These are policies established by the OSA to protect all participants. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in OSA mandated discipline of coaching staff.   


2.  Playing in a tournament

a.   If OSA sanctioned Ontario tournaments: fill in forms linked to each tournament description, tournaments page on the OSA website.

b.  On the OSA website is a link to OSA approved U.S. tournaments.

c.   If not OSA sanctioned: fill in ATF form on OSA website, forms page. Contact the Competitive Administrator for information about documentation that will be required to obtain insurance.

d.  No documentation is required for participating in Ontario Cup.  

Application forms are available on the Club website and are to be submitted to the Competitive Administrator and not directly to the District. Allow at least 1 week for processing.                                                                                                            


3.  Scrimmages/Exhibition games between teams from North Toronto Soccer Club

a.   For planned exhibition games: notify NTSC Competitive Administrator of your intention, including coach’s names, which teams will be playing and proposed date.

i.    For NTSC-hosted games, official referees must be used and booked through our Club Head Referee.

ii.  Game sheets must be completed and provided to the Competitive Administrator. All players on the roster must be registered.

iii.  Any/all injuries must be reported on appropriate form(s) to the Club   

b.   For an unplanned scrimmage, for example at the end of a practice with a team you are sharing a field with:

i.  Notify Club Administrator following the practice/scrimmage that this took place and provide a list of all participants in the scrimmage immediately following the scrimmage (can be via email or in the form of a game sheet/roster sheet)

ii.  Ensure any/all injuries are reported on appropriate form(s) to the Competitive Administrator  

Note: the OSA prohibits teams from participating in exhibition games with teams not registered with the OSA. This includes Academy teams and high school teams.   

Failure to follow these procedures will result in disciplinary actions by the North Toronto Soccer Club including suspensions of the coach(es) involved.

Please see Team Travel Policies and Procedures for travel out of the province.