Competitive Refund Policy

Competitive fees are calculated for 2 seasons: the indoor training season, and the outdoor league season.

  • Indoor season: mid-October to end of April for most teams; November and January to April for OPDL teams
  • Outdoor season: end of April to end of season - September for most teams, early November for OPDL

Fees are generally due to be paid in full 10 to 30 days prior to the start of each season, unless alternate arrangements are made with the club.

Refunds are issued in limited circumstances:

  1. If the team does not continue to operate and no suitable alternative is found within the club for the player.
  2. If the player suffers a major injury which prevents the player from participating in 50% or more of the season's activities.
    • Must be reported in writing within 7 days of the injury being diagnosed.
    • Must be supported by medical records as requested.
    • A pro-rated refund will be calculated.

Refund requests must be in writing and addressed to