imgwUlUSEVLbd.png   Board of Directors & Officers

The operations of North Toronto Soccer Club are overseen by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors. The Board strives to uphold the Club's constitution while ensuring that all of the Club's programs operate in a manner that adheres to our stated goal of providing all participants in our programs with a rewarding, enjoyable soccer-playing experience.  

As at the November 28, 2016 Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors is comprised of the following seven individuals:   

Reg Watson             Chair, President

Michael Eubanks        Vice Chair

                                    Chair, Discipline Committee

                                    Chair, Capital Projects & Fundraising Committee

Mike Ruthard          Treasurer and Chair, Finance & Audit Committee

Mireille Landry          Secretary

Peter Ellement        Chair, Competitive Committee

Patricia MacOdrum    Chair, Recreational Soccer Committee

Peter Rizakos            Chair, Human Resources Committee

Board of Directors terms:

Peter Ellement            2nd term   expires in November 2018

Michael Eubanks        2nd term   expires in November 2019

Mireille Landry           1st term   expires in November 2019

Patricia MacOdrum    1st term   expires in November 2018

Peter Rizakos             1st term   expires in November 2018

Mike Ruthard              1st term   expires in November 2017

Reg Watson              2nd term   expires in November 2017

Directors may serve two 3-year terms.

To contact the Board of Directors, send an email to NTSC boardofdirectors