“The North Toronto Soccer Club’s mission is to provide soccer players, coaches and parents of North Toronto the opportunities to learn, play and mature through the game of soccer, regardless of age, gender or capability. The Club objective is to ensure that these opportunities are obtainable in a fun and safe environment, while promoting the development of soccer.”

Coaches come from all walks of life – parents, teachers, ex-athletes, and sports fans. What unites coaches is their shared passion for sport and engaging others to build that passion. Coaches want to do more with their time and energy than watch the game on TV or cheer from the bleachers. They want to have a direct and lifelong impact on others, to help them learn, grow, develop new physical and life skills, and gain self-confidence.

To be a coach means much more than teaching athletes how to participate in a sport, they also fill the role of trainer, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, chauffeur, advisor, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counselor, organizer, and planner. In short, when you become a coach, you will help others reach beyond themselves, to reach higher, both in sport and in life.

At North Toronto Soccer Club we are fortunate to have over 700 volunteer coaches, 18 very qualified Technical Staff and an additional 38 summer staff coaches comprising our Coaching faculty. It is our aim to work through Long Term Player Development to increase the number of certified coaches in the Club, but more importantly better educate from top to bottom as one group an improved way forward for our players. Incorporated to our view for coach development will not only be OSA coaching courses but also continuous support and first aid amongst others.


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