Player Wellness Policy

North Toronto Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that in all decisions and actions, the best interest of the player - young children, teens, young adults - is a primary focus. 


  • All programs must follow the long-term player development model
    • Activities must be age-appropriate
    • For competitive teams, the periodization of training will be observed with respect to the training/game regimen over the course of a week and sequential weeks.
    • All teams will observe a 6-week break between the end of the outdoor season and the beginning of indoor training.
  • Players (and coaches) will follow club policies with respect to return to play after an injury. No player should feel pressured to play when there is a risk of prolonging or aggravating am injury.


  • All players should feel that they are in a safe environment
    • All coaches and other club staff and volunteers who are required to have a police check must comply with the club policy.
    • The club will not tolerate inappropriate verbal or physical contact between coaches or parents and players, or between player themselves. This is outlined in the club Codes of Conduct and the Zero Tolerance Policy


  • NTSC will support children in the greater community who face challenges in playing soccer at the level of other children of their age. No child who has the desire to learn and play the game should be denied the opportunity to do so.
    • Children who have an intellectual disability are provided with specialized coaching in the club's Special Olympics program.
    • The club is developing programs for players with physical disablities.


  • North Toronto Soccer Club - a not-for-profit community organization - is committed to providing a quality experience while at the same time keeping fees reasonable. No child in the community who is committed to playing soccer at any level should be precluded from participating because of their family financial situation.
    • Soccer programs are becoming costly with a higher frequency of training, more games, better quality  facilities and an increasing number of more highly-qualified coaches.
    • The club will continue to support children from families with limited financial means by subsidizing a portion of their fees.
    • NTSC works with local social service agencies and school social workers to ensure that children identified as needed extra help are made aware of the opportunities and, with their families, welcomed to the club.


Player Wellness Officer

  • NTSC has appointed a Player Wellness Officer to ensure that all club programs and policies. Contact: