Discipline Policy

The following policies apply to activities under the jursidiction of the club. Policies may vary for Leagues, Tournaments and other activities outside the jurisdiction of the club.

Decisions of the Discipline Committee are here.

The NTSC Discipline Committee will meet expeditiously to investigate reported incidents.  All matters brought to the Committee are confidential and will be reviewed or heard as appropriate at the meeting held to investigate the incident.  The Committee will determine when and how to proceed.

All members of North Toronto Soccer Club (players, coaches, parents, etc.) are responsible for ensuring they are familiar with Club and Governing body discipline policies.

No player or coach should serve any penalty until the Discipline Committee has rendered a decision; only the Committee can determine the extent of a penalty.

Please contact the Club Discipline Chair by email at discipline@ntsoccer.com for any further information regarding discipline matters in which you may be involved or for further clarification on the policies provided below.    


Discipline Policies in Detail

North Toronto Soccer Club Codes of Conduct

North Toronto Soccer Club Zero Tolerance Policy

OSA Discipline Policy


Selected Discipline Policy Excerpts

Please review the detailed policies above and do not rely solely on these excerpts. 

Discipline by Review (DBR)

  • Many routine disciplinary matters impose standard or mandated penalties, thus they can be dealt with under a DBR system;
  • Refer to the OSA Discipline Policy  Section 9, Policy 9, Table 5 for "Standard Penalties for Misconduct";
  • DBR does not require attendance by the parties involved;
  • The panel will review the case and make a determination; if a more serious charge is warranted, the matter will be referred to a hearing (DBH);
  • There are NO APPEALS of DBR decisions.

Discipline by Hearing (DBH)

  • Some disciplinary matters MUST be conducted under DBH (per OSA rules);
  • DBH requires the attendance of the parties involved;  15 days notice to be provided to the parties by the Club
  • An accused may be accompanied by an advisor; an accused under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by another adult;
  • DBH may be held for matters of misconduct involving players, coaching staff, parents, spectators or any other person reported for misconduct;
  • DBH decisions can be appealed to the next highest level.

Penalties and Notifications

Penalties are applied in accordance with OSA guidelines.  Decisions of the Discipline Committee for all matters will be communicated via email and are effective immediately.  Probation or Suspended sentences are not permitted.


Immediate suspension from ALL soccer related activies result from the following offences:

  • Game Official assault
  • Physical or attempted physical assault of a youth player by a team official or administrator (reported by a Game Official)
  • Offences of moral turpitude


Red Cards & Dismissals

What happens when a player or coach is dismissed from the field?

  • The Game Official report is forwarded to the Discipline Committee and they decide if charges will be laid;
  • In most instances, the misconduct can be dealt with using the DBR system with the Panel relying on the game official report;
  • A decision is reached and the player/coach is advised of the penalty.

Hearings - Can they be requested?  How?  When?

  • Everyone is entitled to a hearing; it must be requested within 3 days of receiving a dismissal or the DBR system is used;
  • Requests must be in writing; they can be dropped of at the club, faxed to the office or emailed to discipline@ntsoccer.com; if relying on email, always request a "read receipt";

You will receive confirmation when your hearing will take place.


Hearings -What if I can't (or don't) attend the hearing?

  • You may request one postponement of a hearing by submitting a request to the Club no later than four days prior to the date of the hearing;  
  • You must provide reasons for your requested postponement;  
  • If you don't attend a scheduled hearing, you will be suspended from all soccer related activities until a hearing is held;  
  • You must then request a new hearing, in writing.

Appeals - Can I appeal if I don't like the decision of the review or hearing?

  • There are NO APPEALS from a DBR, but DBH decisions can be appealed to the next highest jurisdiction