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Academy Programs

As a Club it is our desire and commitment to develop our players into the best players they can be whilst making sure they are also enjoying themselves fully. Soccer being a team sport and with the summer being the height of team activities we feel it best to accommodate teams rather than individuals at this year’s Academy.  

We see a number of benefits with this new approach.  Our teams will participate on a particular week and work together improving on already established chemistry and this would also allow teams as a whole – coaches, players and parents to select a week in July and/or August that works best for everyone involved.

Academy staff will include 6 of our top club coaches and the player to coach ratio will be at least 7 to 1, which is an established practice in top European academies.  Our highly experienced and qualified goalie trainer will be in charge of our keepers and their development.  There will also be a fitness component to the Academy. Fundamental to the week is the co-ordination with team coaches, players and parents on where the teams are and so create a team-specific curriculum that will maximize benefit. Academy staff assigned to your team will watch one of your games and observe the needs of your team in advance to become better acquainted with each player and team involved.

A week long intensive Academy can be quite tiring on any player and so to aid recovery and development there will be no additional team practices that week allowing players evenings free to rest. The exception to this will be the case of a league or cup game over-which we have little or no influence. Current Club Policy allows for two weeks’ vacation for competitive players, however, teams attending the Academy will be allowed a third week subject to co-ordination by team managers in line with league schedules.  

Our professional staff has developed 2 age-specific programs, each offered for girls and boys teams in the NTSC Competitive Program:

U7 to U11 age groups      Achieving Ball Mastery

U12 to U15 age groups   The Elite Academy



Weekly Schedule                 

Monday: Ball Familiarity and Dribbling

Tuesday: Defending

Wednesday: Attacking

Thursday: Attacking

Friday: World Cup


  • Sports Nutritionist Interactive Presentation
  • Judo/Yoga Instruction
  • Sports Psychologist Interactive Presentation
  • Team Building Activities

Achieving Ball Mastery                   

Age Group: 6-10 years (U7 to U11 age groups)

Venue: Sunnybrook Park (click for map, directions and academy location in the park)

Time: 9 am to 4 pm 

Available Dates

Cost: $420 ($344 for 4-day weeks)    Early drop-off (8 am) / late pickup (5 pm) available upon request for an extra $60 ($48 for 4-day weeks) per family per week.  Registration done online.

In seeking to maximize each participant's contact with the ball, the NTSC curriculum coheres around the development and refinement of individual technique across the spectrum of core skills such as passing, ball control, dribbling, finishing, and overall ball mastery. The emphasis on ball familiarity is delivered through daily skill workshops, wherein coaches combine detailed instruction, demonstration and individual exploration with video analysis of professional role models from across the world of soccer. It is this comprehensive approach to skill development that allows our young players to progress their technical abilities at an optimal rate. The focus on individual technique is complemented by the afternoon sessions which challenge our participants to translate and perfect such skills within small sided games, group activities and in game scenario.          

The Elite Academy

Age Group: 11-15 years (U12 to U18 age groups)

Venue: Sunnybrook Park  (click for map, directions and academy location in the park)

Time: 9 am to 4 pm 

Available Dates

Cost: $420 ($344 for 4-day weeks)    Early drop-off (8 am) / late pickup (5 pm) available upon request for an extra $60 ($48 for 4-day weeks) per family per week.  Registration done online.                                                                                      

In seeking to refine and develop our senior academy participants as young athletes with a professional approach to the game, the NTSC Elite Academy seeks to foster five identified dimensions underpinning performance excellence in soccer – namely the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social. The aim of our coaches now shifts to the need to translate individual technique into game situations, delivering intensive sessions which challenge participants in thinking about the relationship between game awareness and individual technique, patterns of play, and tactical astuteness. By developing ‘scholars of the game’, the elite academy is designed to facilitate the preparation of our young players to compete, achieve and excel at all levels of soccer in Canada and beyond. The incorporation of daily lunchtime seminars on sports nutrition, guided discovery sessions on anatomy and physiology and daily quizzes on all aspects of athletic performance ensure that our program goes beyond the playing field in the quest to develop the complete soccer player.  

What to bring:

Printed and completed Medical Forms

Any required medication

Soccer cleats/athletic shoes

Soccer shirt (included in fee) , shorts and socks,

Shin guards


Adequate supply of water and hydrating fluids


Completed Medical Form. Click here

Cancellation/Weather policy

Check out our website daily for the latest Academy announcements on weather conditions, postponements and cancellations. In the event of rainy weather, the Academy will continue to operate as normal, with the possibility of an alternative indoor program.

In the event of THUNDER and/or LIGHTNING, we will move all campers indoors until they can be safely picked up by parents or guardians, or until the weather conditions improve, and it is deemed safe to resume on-field activities.  

If there is extreme weather predicted or if freak weather conditions prevail in the hours before the summer camp program commences in the morning, we may cancel the day's activities before the program commences. THE BEST WAY to find out if the camp program is operating for the day is to go to our website page and check the updated announcement section on the homepage.