Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Camp and Academy?

The main difference is that the academy is focused on soccer all day, with players looking to develop. At Summer Camp, we start with soccer in the morning and play a variety of other sports and games. Summer Camp also has a little more free time during the day. 


Will there be swimming?

We've always had swimming as a part of the Summer Camp experience during past years, but due to capacity limits with COVID regulations at the pool, we've had to find alternative games to play during this time. If swimming becomes a possibility, we will update our program information and this section.


What are the COVID adjustments?

We are constantly updating and adjusting our COVID guidelines to comply with the most up-to-date guidelines from public health and will do our best to keep players and staff safe at our programs. Due to the ever-changing environment brought on by COVID, we will wait until June to post an update to our COVID measures. We have always been very proactive with taking the required steps to keep everyone safe, so rest assured we will not cut any corners. 


Will there be early dropoff or late pickup?

Due to the ever-changing environment brought on by COVID, we are unable to guarantee any early dropoff or late pickup. We will post an update in June if this should change. 


Who is the Academy for? Why is it so special?

Academy is recommended to all our players in our Nitros Development, Advanced Development, Select, TTBN, Competitive and Talented Pathway programs. However, it is not exclusive to just those players. If you're interested in attending, feel free to join for your designated week. However, please keep in mind that players are expected to play soccer for most of the day and partake in two training sessions and other soccer games and tournaments. If you're unsure about signing up, please check with the Academy Director. 


Academy is unique to players because it's a chance for them to spend the entire week with their teammates, enjoying the fun moments off the pitch and building strong relationships off of it. It's also a great chance to work with their coaches to develop their beautiful game abilities.


Who is Camp for? Is it worse than the academy?

Camp is for any kids looking to play some soccer but also have a lot of fun. It is by no means any worse than academy but is instead geared towards having a good time. Many players that attend academy also enjoy the more laid-back atmosphere of Camp while still enjoying the opportunity to develop their soccer abilities. Our Camp has a standard as high as our academy and creates a great environment for kids of a broader age range to attend. 

What to Bring to Camp?     

  • Soccer cleats or athletic/running shoes
  • Hat (to wear during rest periods)
  • T-shirt, shorts and soccer socks
  • Shin-guards with soccer socks covering them
  • Sunscreen
  • Snack (1) - Half-day campers *
  • Snacks (2) and Lunch - Full-day campers *
  • Hydrating fluids and/or water bottle (water fountain available to re-fill)
  • Epi-pen and medication, if needed.
    * Snacks and lunches must be peanut, nut and sesame seed free!!

Rain/Thunder Protocol

As per the Canadian Soccer Association's Lightning Safety/Severe Weather Policy, if lightning is seen or thunder is heard, all games, practices and soccer activities will be postponed or cancelled at the discretion of the match officials or relevant staff. In the case of Lightning and/or Thunder all players and staff must get off the field to a safe area or shelter and cannot return until 30 minutes after the last incident of thunder or lightning. 


At Summer Camp and Academy we will be unable to use our clubhouse as shelter due to social distancing and capacity concerns brought on by COVID. As such the club will be watching the weather forecast closely and updating parents if any inclement weather is expected. The different scenarios to be prepared for will be:


i) In the case of Inclement Weather in the morning, before camp/academy is set to start, the camp director will update all parents if drop off will need to be delayed to let the storm pass by and have players on the field in a safe environment. Once it is deemed safe by the camp director, parents will be notified that camp can begin. 


ii) In the case of Inclement Weather during the camp/academy morning before lunch, the camp director will update all parents if pickup will be necessary to avoid having players on the field during a storm. As the storm passes and it is deemed safe to return to the field parents will be updated about camp resuming if they are able to drop off players for the remainder of camp. Players that are absolutely unable to be picked up early will be brought into the clubhouse seated 2 metres apart and must wear a mask at all times.


iii) In the case of Inclement Weather in the afternoon, after lunch has passed, the camp director will update all parents if the end of day pickup will need to be moved earlier to avoid having players on the field during a storm. Players that are absolutely unable to be picked up early will be brought into the clubhouse seated 2 m apart and must wear a mask at all times. A movie may be played until they are able to be picked up. 

Refund Policy

No registration onsite. No pro-rating the fees for missed days.

All withdrawals must be requested in writing (email: For the Summer Camp, the refund deadline is 4 weeks prior to the start of the camp week. All refunds are subject to a $30 admin fee. No pro-rating for missed days.


NEW Refund and Credit Policy in the event of a delay or shutdown due to COVID-19: click here to view the full policy.