Program Overview: Goalkeeper Week

The Goalkeeper Week at Nitros Academy will run during Week 6: August 8 - 12 @ Eglinton Park. U8 - U12 players will go from 9 am - 4 pm and U13+ players from 9 am - 2 pm.  We have updated our GK Week programming this year to ensure our GK staff have a chance to see the players, while ensuring we do not overwork them with too many strenuous sessions.

During the GK week coaches will alternate days, where Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be for the U13+ players and Tuesday and Thursday with the U8-U12 players. This schedule allows our top class GK staff to work with all age groups, while giving players the opportunity to rest after a strenuous day on their bodies. The "off" days will be used to work on other important soccer skills, keeping away from the demanding activities GKs must practice such as diving. The daily breakdown will be similar to the groups above to ensure a great balance of instruction, development and fun. 

*Please contact Rasih Pala, Manager of Goalkeeping, for any questions regarding the GK Week.